It’s been a week since I started my first #30by7project. There are some things I learned about my behavior and my habits that I think are helpful in revising my goals for the next several #30by7projects.

I learned that I get really tired after I come home and eat dinner. I think it’s the result of both work and food coma. It’s not ideal for me to do things that require a lot of focus. Thus, I tend to do more creative tasks in the early evenings, such as writing.

Even though my first week’s goal was to make a YouTube video every day, it didn’t work as planned. I recorded several, but only found one that’s decent enough to upload. What I did next was to switch to a goal of playing the guitar every day for a week. As of this Saturday morning, I’ve played the guitar three times this week for at least half an hour each. Three out of 7 is a failing grade in my book, but to see a more complete picture, I’ve read chapters in two books 5 days out of the 7 and have written something 4 days out of 7. I didn’t have a #30by7project goal of reading and writing initially, but I included them because I do them outside of work and they will improve myself.

It looks like the best strategy for me to complete my #30by7project goals is to do multiple #30by7projects simultaneously. If I complete three goals in three weeks, that’s an average of one goal per week. If some goals become habits, such as reading and writing, then I will continue to do them as long as they provide enjoyment and value. I think that’s the ultimate goal of doing a #30by7project.