Two years ago, I tried to do a #30DaysOfCode to get better at web development. It’s a self imposed challenge where I would practice coding for 30 days straight. I didn’t complete that challenge and I think I only finished half way. Recently, I thought about what I did wrong and what I should change if I were to do something like that again.

First, I think 30 days is too long for me. To me a week is a good start so that I can gauge myself and see if I like the challenge to begin with. Seven days is not a huge time investment and I would only be a beginner at whatever I’ll be doing. And that’s fine with me.

Second, with the #30DaysOfCode challenge, it doesn’t specify how long I should code per day. Again, just to start, I think a 30 minute learning session is best for me since I do have a full-time job on the weekdays. If I choose to do more than 30 minutes then that’s great, but the minimum threshold is 30 minutes per day. I think that’s very doable for me.

Lastly, with #30DaysOfCode, it was with coding only and it was very popular on social media where people publicized their challenges. Though I did see others modifying the challenge to do 30 days of design, etc. I want to do a 30 minutes by 7 days challenge for anything that I might be interested in. This includes learning the following:

  • React
  • Angular
  • Node
  • Flutter
  • Python
  • Data science
  • SQL server
  • Java
  • Command line
  • Machine learning
  • Drawing
  • Guitar

If I learn each of these for 30 minutes a day for 7 days straight I’ll have a good introduction to each of these topics. If I want to continue learning the same topic then I’ll just do another 7 day challenge of the same subject matter. No pressure to complete a straight #30DaysOf challenge. I call my learning challenge the #30by7project. For example, if I start with learning React for 30 minutes a day for 7 days, it’ll be #30by7react challenge.

Starting tomorrow, I’ll start with my first challenge. Let’s see how it goes now that I’ve set the bar low.