There is no fame. It’s all made up. There is no money. It’s all made up. There is no status. It’s all made up. But there is you. There is me. There is us. Anything else is an illusion. There is a link between you and me. And there are links between us and them. Until we realize that they are us and us is them, fame, money, status are all illusions. Something deep inside of us connects us. Some call it God, some call it soul, some call it spirit. Let that be apparent and let the illusions disappear.

Just do your best and let your intuition guide you. There are no mandatory books to read. No required course to take. The only guide you have is your feelings. Feelings deep inside. Accessed by the music you enjoy, the conversations you cherish, the books you like. Do the things that makes you feel good. Eventually, you’ll be recognized for being you. The unique you. Not the money you made, the fame you acquired, and the status you gained. Take your time. Everything will be fine and everything is according to plan.