I still remember my first Christmas in 1995 when I arrived in the US. I received so many presents, mostly toys, that I felt like I was in heaven. It seems like as I get older each year I want fewer and fewer things for Christmas.

I’m very grateful for what I have. A place to live, a reliable car, a great family, great friends, easy access to several great grocery stores, enough clothes to wear, a computer and internet, a great job, a nice bicycle in case I need to exercise, and most importantly, good health. I simply don’t need anything else. In fact, I should be getting rid of some things.

So for Christmas this year, my list is bare. But that doesn’t mean it’s empty. If you would like to gift me something, I suggest donate to your favorite charity. One of my favorite charities is GiveDirectly. It’s a well ranked non-profit organization that gives money directly to the poor. Since income inequality is something that I feel strongly against, I feel this organization does a great job to help the needy.

I hope I don’t sound selfish to say that I don’t want anything for Christmas. However, I feel as a member of the society, I’m in a good place and there are others who need more help than me.